Maros Passage operates a front desk service.

Underground parking garage

Maros Passage has its own underground parking garage with easy direct access from Maros street.

Air conditioning and air treatment

Maros Passage is equipped with a fan-coil system for heating and cooling; as well as a fresh air system.street.


Maros Passage has its own Restaurant, PassageCafé. In addition to this within a one-minute walk two other great restaurants are accessible: Maros Kertvendeglo, a family-run restaurant offering lunch menus and outdoor seating; and Mezzo, a high-end restaurant offering live Jazz music.

Other services

There are numerous stores in a close vicinity: grocery shop, wine shop, bakery, patisserie, hairdresser’s, print shop, laundry as well as a tennis-court, a gym and a boxing club. Mammut and MOM malls are within walking distance.


There are multiple coffeeshops and breakfast bars in walking distance, we especially recommend Maros Café in the building.


1122 Budapest Maros utca 12.

+36 1 212 5659

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